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Minu fotoalbumi ‘Killuke Eestit, teiselt korruselt’ 300. pildi täissaamise ning ühtlasi mu FB lehe nüüd juba 2600 fänni-vaataja auks üks väike Eestit promov pilt, ‘Näoga mere suunas’.. Nii et kui näed Eesti nägu, siin näoraamatus, antud fotol, siis laigi pilti. | It is already 300th picture in my FB album called ‘Fragments of Estonia, from second floor’, and secondly, I have already 2600 fans there. So I’m happy to share Estonia with you, and here’s face, pictured in Estonia, which can be titled as ‘Facing the sea’. Thank you for your comments, likes and best wishes regarding that country! And if you recognize a face of Estonia here, like and share and help to promote Estonia!